Below are some tips and information to make your purchase of Sybian as easy as possible.

  • Please notify your credit card company to expect a charge from USA.
  • You are responsible for taxes, duties and brokerage fees charged by your country at your end. (UPS will act as your broker.) If you choose another broker other than UPS, you may incur higher fees.
  • Small parts orders sent by the United States Postal Service and delivered OUTSIDE the USA may also incur fees from your country when they are delivered. These can include but may not be limited to taxes, duties, or other customs fees and are based upon the value of the contents.
  • The value is based on the product total.
  • Item will be described as “Massage Apparatus”.
  • Sybian is CE certified for shipping to the European Union of Nations.
  • Shipping weight and dimensions are listed in the product information in the store.

The Sybian now features electronics that automatically adjust to whatever voltage (120V or 240V) of electricity it is plugged into. It may be plugged into all electric sources the world over with no concern.

A power cord is supplied with Units shipped to the USA and Canada only.  Other countries must provide their own power cord. The end that plugs into the Sybian is the same as what is used by most desktop computers or printers. It is sometimes called a kettle cord/IEC connector.

We ship Sybian all over the world. Delivery is typically 2-5 days (unless there is a customs issue). You will be required to pay taxes and duties to your country upon delivery (UPS usually arranges this). It is extremely important that your address is correct. Please provide one and if possible two phone numbers for UPS to contact you to make arrangements for payments or delivery instructions. We do not ship to international PO boxes, physical addresses only.

Below is a quick shipping quote chart for your reference. These prices are substantially less than UPS published rates, in US dollars. These are quotes – actual prices will be determined during the check out process.

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