Sybian’s history

As Told by Dave Lampert:

What we now call Sybian had its conception in the tunnels of my mind in the early 1970s.

Over the next few years, I thought of it often and wondered why someone had not produced it. In 1979 I made a brief attempt at contacting an engineer and two other specialists; however, I was quickly discouraged and set it aside.

In early 1983 I presented my idea to a lady physician who encouraged me to pursue it further. That summer we spent two weeks traveling the Midwest talking to anyone who had any knowledge of sexual devices. We were trying to see if we could find anything that was similar to my conception. On the trip we went to every adult bookstore we could find. We visited wholesale as well as retail establishments. No one knew of anything similar, so the project moved forward.

Over the next 18 months we purchased and read many books to acquaint ourselves with what was going on in the field of sex research and counseling. We spent time trying to find people who could help us, we interviewed several engineers but to no avail. We were having trouble getting started.

In very early 1985, we found a machine shop that had the viewpoint “parts are parts,” and they produced our first very crude prototype without being told what they were making. I designed it and had it built primarily to prove the concept. The housing was sheet metal supported by a wooden frame. The vibration was achieved by placing a regular hand vibrator through an opening in the housing. The principle behind the rotation was not that different from what we use today.

More Thoughts From the Inventor

“We talked to researchers, sex therapists and anyone we thought might be of help.”

Looking Back

“In retrospect I think one of the problems we had in the first few months was our own attitude.”

We were concerned that what we were working on was possibly pornographic. Our own knowledge was lacking. This attitude obviously transferred to the people we were talking to. Once our attitude changed, our reception also changed. We realized it had nothing to with pornography but might be considered controversial because it dealt with sex.

“Although sex is part of everyone’s every day life, it is a subject avoided by many.”

Fortunately this is not true for everyone. Once we realized this and discussed it openly, we found great curiosity and most people were very happy to be involved.

Second Prototype

The next prototype was the same width and height as today’s model but it was 24 inches long and weighed 51 pounds. The speed controls were built into the unit and it had handles for the woman to hold onto. The original attempts at creating vibration did not work at all. We tried to use the same principle as in most small hand held vibrators. We continued to make changes in this prototype until we solved that problem. The ensuing prototypes were a matter of packaging and refinement of detail.

At this point let me tell you that I am not an engineer nor am I mechanically inclined. I am an idea person, a perfectionist by nature and I like to solve problems. I am one that will wake up at 3 AM with a solution to a problem troubling me the night before.

From the inception of the first prototype to marketing the present product took three years. It is without exaggeration when I say that thousands of alterations and refinements took place, some extremely minor and some very radical. Many were dictated by mechanical necessity but many were the result of testing. Someone had to take on the difficult job of supervising testing and I decided to do that myself. Each time it was tested I observed the actions and reactions closely. I intently listened to the comments and observations afterward. Something as minor as the contact piece went through dozens of changes before we arrived at the final shape.

“Sybian is not the result of what I thought it should be, but the collective input of many women.”

Esthetically the final result was much different than my conception. The movement differs very little but the method of achieving it has changed drastically.

“The dream I envisioned is now real. Sybian does what it was intended to do!”

Selecting a Name

Now we needed a name. For nearly four years we called it Master Better, MB for short, but knew we had to come up with something different. We finally agreed on Sybian. The Syb is derived from Sybaris, an ancient Greek city in southern Italy, famous as a center of luxurious living. A Sybarite is defined as a person who likes luxurious things so we now refer to the owners of Sybian by that name.

As Time Goes By

We have had many successes. After manufacturing and marketing thousands of Sybian’s, we are still overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response of new owners. We have received many incredibly heartwarming stories.

Sybian is usually purchased either as a learning tool to develop sexual responses or as a means of gratification. We have found that many who thought they were buying Sybian for enjoyment have learned a great deal about their sexual responses and potential. We believe that nearly all users accomplish both.

The owners who contact us most often are those whose lives have been affected more drastically.

“We have had several reports of ‘first orgasm ever’ while using the Sybian. That is exciting!”

However, most of the success stories are from women who seldom or never had orgasms with their partner and have now learned to do so. They now enjoy several or many orgasms in each love making session. They write or call because they give Sybian credit for teaching them.

Become Multi-Orgasmic

Experts in the field of sexuality agree that all women can be multi-orgasmic! And with a partner! This increases their personal pleasure from sex many fold, and they become much more enjoyable and responsive sex partners.

"To be multi-orgasmic requires two things: proper attitude and adequate, efficient stimulation."

Proper attitude has to do with the way we think and feel about sex. As has been said over and again, the brain is the primary sex organ. It controls how you will react to sexual stimulation. Simulated intercourse with Sybian can produce very intense stimulation and can break through mental barriers that have not been penetrated before. This is one reason Sybian has so many success stories.

“Sybian was designed for the woman to sit upright because of the advantages to becoming comfortable with the woman superior position.”

Women who are multi-orgasmic usually prefer to have longer sessions of intercourse. Men generally are not as orgasmic and tend to lose their erection after ejaculation.

“Sybian can be used to satisfy a portion of her needs before having intercourse or afterwards until she is satiated.”

During intercourse she can position herself to receive stimulation exactly where she needs it, and she can control the motion and tempo to her liking. Men also tend to be able to last longer in this position.

“Sybian can be used while lying down.”

Sybian can provide hours of pleasure when used alone, but it is also something partners can enjoy together. A loving and caring partner will receive great joy while touching and holding during simulated intercourse.

“Women tell us that if their partner is actively participating, they become oblivious to the fact that they are being massaged by mechanical means.”

Sybian Is For You

People have many different reasons for owning Sybian. Some women have husbands who are gone part of the time. Sybian can fill in.

Some men have health problems. Others ejaculate too quickly. Some don’t like extended lovemaking. Some women have partners who just do not care, while others have partners who are temporarily or permanently impotent. None of these partners will fill the needs of women who have realized their sexual potential. Sybian can.

Many women do not have a regular partner. Some by choice, others by circumstance. Whatever the situation, the desire for sexual gratification still exists. For some only occasionally, others more frequently.

“Owning Sybian gives better alternatives and without the risk of AIDS or pregnancy.”

Added Benefits

Sybian owners experience ecstasy while gaining the additional benefit of relieving stress. Many tell us that because Sybian gives more fulfilling and gratifying orgasms than do other forms of self stimulation, it is more effective in reducing tension.

“Several have reported that by regular use of Sybian, they have eliminated or greatly reduced stress related migraine headaches.”

It is well known that having orgasms during the early stages of menstrual cramps can give relief. Many owners use Sybian additionally for this reason.

Marketing Sybian

From 1987 into 1996 we relied on ads in men’s magazines and any other resourceful way we could use to get the word out.
In 1996 we created our first website. Since then we have relied on the Internet to tell people about the Sybian.

“We feel everyone should own a Sybian and experience sexual euphoria.”

We are disappointed when someone inquires but does not become an owner. Somehow we have failed to get them to understand how much Sybian can add to the enjoyment of their life.

Sybian is not inexpensive. We could possibly make a cheaper model and sell it for less. But why? Why build something that may break down after a year or two?

Value Is Relative

If you were a boat enthusiast and you thought a particular model would cost $13,950 but you found you could buy it for $1,395, you probably couldn’t wait to write the check. You would find the money. This could apply to hundreds of luxuries we spend thousands of dollars for. On the other hand if you think of a vibrator as costing $39.50 and you find out that Sybian is $1395 – you may think – why should anyone spend that kind of money?

“Sybian will give more hours of pleasure and pure enjoyment, for each dollar invested, than most any other product or service.”

Sybian has few moving parts and very little that can go wrong with it. It is extremely durable. Of all the Sybian’s in use to date, fewer than 1% have been returned for any kind of repair and all were returned to the owner the next shipping day. Sybian weighs 22 pounds, has a plastic housing with finger holds, is 13.25″ wide and 12.5″ long at the base and 8 1/2″ high to the top of the padded Naugahyde cover, and 10″ high overall. It has a 1/29 HP gear motor for rotation and a 1/17 HP motor for vibration.. Each can separately be controlled over a wide range of speeds. It operates on regular household electricity. Sybian should run efficiently for years without problems.

We built Sybian with safety in mind. We do not feel it is possible to injure yourself if you follow the guidelines in the instruction manual.

Try It

“We believe you should give serious consideration to our trial offer.”

You can try Sybian for a full 45 days and if not completely satisfied, return it for only a $175 reconditioning fee. How can you lose? If we are wrong, your cost is minimal. If we are right, and we nearly always are, you have made a lifelong investment in pleasure.

We invite you to become a Sybarite.

– David L. Lampert, Inventor