From the upcoming book on female orgasm by Belgian writer Elisa Brune:

The Rolls Royce of sex toys is a machine that defies imagination. Did you think that you would masturbate lying down? No, you will need to sit back up and mount it. Did you think that the penetrating part would make coital back and forth movements? Not at all, it will move like no penis ever has.

You really had to think of it, and one asks oneself again how the inventor could have imagined such a thing. Through trial and error, they say, having noticed that back and forth motions generally didn’t have any effect, and that the greatest probability for a woman to have an orgasm during sex came from her taking the active position (mounting her partner) and proceeding to rock her pubis without the up and down movement. When she rocks her pubis back and forth without any up and down movements, she discovers two advantages: firstly, the clitoris stays in constant contact with her partners pubis and can therefore be stimulated and secondly the penis a completely different type of stimulation in her vagina, not through movement, but rather through pressure on her vaginal walls that she can modulate herself. Depending on whether she rocks gently or hard, slowly or fast, upright or bent over, the head of the penis will give her different sensations, amongst which she can discover which feels the best – in other words, which stimulates her G-spot. It’s the best way to identify and develop internal sensitivity. That is for practice in a couple. But how can you reproduce these advantages with a sex toy? This is where the brilliant idea comes in. What is required is a dildo that once inserted, does not slide in the axis of the vagina but stays constantly inserted, “presses” in a variable manner on the front wall of the vagina, where the G-spot is located. How though? It is of biblical simplicity: its extremity rotates.

Visualize this: The dildo is upright on its stand, its base is fixed and its other extremity (the head) draws a circular motion in the air. Seen from the outside, this could seem senseless: My vagina can’t turn like that. Of course not. Once inserted, the dildo will be held in place and prevented from making its circular movement, which will be transformed into a periodic pressure on all the vagina’s walls. And here we discover this: It is indeed the front wall of the vagina, belly button side, which reacts with a pleasurable sensation each time that it is stimulated. By regulating the rotation speed, you regulate the rhythm of the exquisite pleasure. Vibrations can also be added on the entire mechanism to include clitoral stimulation (when sitting upright on the base, the clitoris is available and in contact with the covering). It is therefore an orgasm trampoline that is hard to surpass.

But if it were only this, it would be an effective sex toy. The most interesting quality of this tool is that it permits one to conceive true vaginal “training”. Without even seeking to orgasm, a session of 20 minutes of stimulation per day allows one to accomplish the same thing as all training: a learning experience. Within a few days already, and most likely within a few weeks, one acquires, as would do a musician, practicing their violin, new neural connections and a better response in terms of sensations. The learning can equally happen through stimulation with a finger (one’s own or one’s partners) or with a non motorized sex toy (used with pressure, not as a piston), but the Sybian, because this is its name, deserves the Oscar of sex ed.